A good holiday gift can last long beyond the season. It can provide years of fitness and fun or produce warm memories that live forever.

And if you look for safe and healthy gifts for everyone on your list, you can feel good about the gifts you give.

It’s important to keep the gift recipient in mind. Think about safety first, especially when it comes to gifts for children. Remember the concerns last year with hover board batteries catching fire? A bit of research can help head off those woes. 

For the Kids on Your List

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers holiday toy shoppers these tips to keep the little ones entertained and safe.

  • Keep the age of the child in mind. Children can easily get hurt using toys made for older kids.
  • For toddlers, consider push/pull toys to help build balance.
  • For preschoolers, blocks and other activity sets are classic gifts that build hand/eye coordination.
  • For older kids, science kits help develop imagination and build problem-solving skills.
  • If you’re giving a scooter, bike or other riding toy, remember to add related safety gear, like a helmet.

Ideas for Adults

For Fitness Buffs (or Those Who Want to Be)

  • Know someone who has not yet gotten on the fitness tracker bandwagon? Depending on the person, you can choose everything from a simple gadget that tracks steps to more complex ones that also monitor heart rate and sleep patterns. And the tech-savvy might like a watch that monitors their health while playing favorite tunes to power a workout.
  • How about new fitness gear? From hiking or running shoes to workout clothing, new products roll out just in time for holiday gift giving. Consider a new reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while protecting the planet. New lightweight headphones might boost motivation for a long walk or jog.
  • If you want to think outside the (gift) box, consider a membership to a local zoo or arboretum, a good place to get 10,000-plus daily steps in almost any season. Or try a fitness center membership, if you’re sure that gift will be welcomed.
  • Online voucher sites let you buy a class or activity as a gift, offering a fun experience or even a potential new hobby. Your gift recipient could learn yoga, Pilates or even take up dancing.

Gifts of Healthy Eating

  • Those who have too much of everything might enjoy a cooking lesson to boost their skills for making fresh and healthy meals.
  • Juicers and blenders are popular with people on the go. Recipes for healthy juices and smoothies are readily available and can offer a healthy snack or meal.
  • The fruit basket is a holiday staple for a good reason. It’s a healthy treat that many people don’t always buy for themselves. There are also gift-of-the-month programs so that you can send your family and friends anything from tea and coffee to honey and mustards.
  • For people interested in eating healthy, locally grown foods, a membership to a Community-supported agriculture (CSA) program could be the hot gift of the season. Prices differ, but CSAs are known for providing fresh, local food.