Health care today is often one-size-fits-all. But what if health care could be tailored just to you?


That’s the purpose of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) All of Us Research Program. It’s a historic effort to help researchers speed up health breakthroughs and improve health for everyone by understanding why different people get sick or stay healthy.

The All of Us Research Program has a simple mission: gather data from 1 million people or more living in the U.S. All of Us is not one single health study. It’s a database that scientists can use to run thousands of health studies.

The program needs volunteers who reflect the diverse make-up of the United States to be truly effective. They need people from different races and ethnicities, age groups, geographic regions, gender identities, sexual orientations and health statuses.

How Can You Help?

All of Us is inviting people from all over the country to join the program. If you sign up, you get to decide how much information you want to share. You can be one in a million by participating in a research program that may change the future of health.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico is partnering with All of Us to help spread the word and encourage our members to join. Together, we’re working to help change the future of health.

All of Us is more than just a research program. Watch the video to learn more about its purpose.

What Are the Benefits of Joining?

Many people have been left out of biomedical research. This is your chance to be included. Your participation is important to help improve the health of your children, grandchildren and future generations by supporting potential breakthroughs in medicine.

You can:

  • Help your local community to be included in important studies that lead to new understanding and treatments.
  • Learn about your own health, including personalized risk factors, environmental factors, medications you should or shouldn’t take, and family ancestry.
  • Choose to view or share your data, such as your health records, genetic data and lab data, with your doctor or others.
  • Learn about additional clinical trials that may interest you, based on your health history and risks.

To learn more, get help or sign up, you can contact All of Us online or by email, or call 844-842-2855.

If you join the program, you can also track your progress on the mobile app for Android and iPhone.